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Cooling Tower Rebuild & Refurbishment Services

Cooling Tower Rebuilding Services

If you are searching Google for “cooling tower rebuild“, Cooling Tower Products can help! Give a call at 1 (800) 733-1584 for cooling tower refurbishment services to repair or rebuild your old cooling towers.

Look no further than Cooling Tower Products to not only repair your cooling tower but also enhance the performance of it with our state-of-the art cooling tower parts and products. Cooling Tower Products is a Manufacturer’s representative for The Cooling Tower Company, L.C.; a premier Manufacturer of high quality Counter Flow cooling towers.

Cooling Tower Rebuild Services:

Will A Cooling Tower Rebuild Help?

In order to know if cooling tower rebuilding can help increase your towers efficiency, our cooling tower consultants can perform before and after thermal tests. Our consultants can provide reports outlining the issues with your tower’s deficiency, specifications on what need rebuilt, and a monetary budget for correction of the shortage. If you would like to receive a free cooling tower evaluation for repair, upgrade or replacement, give us a call today at 1 (800) 733-1584.

Cooling Tower Repair


Cooling Tower Rebuilt - Before & After Photos

No matter if you need cooling tower repair for crossflow, counterflow, forced draft or induced draft cooling towers, Cooling Tower Products can handle your repair. Did your cooling tower suffer storm, wind, monsoon, or hurricane damage? We offer emergency cooling tower repairs as well! Our cooling tower repair services include, but are not limited to:

  • Small service and repairs to complete cooling tower replacement
  • Interior Coatings: Structural supports, casing panels, distribution pans, and interior basins
  • Installation of fill media, drift eliminators, air inlet louvers
  • New cooling tower fans, sheaves, belts, bearings
  • Water distribution Repair & Replacement Components
  • Cooling Tower Cleaning: Interior surfaces, louver panels, and fill media
  • Rehabilitation of End Bells & Tub Sheets
  • Heat Exchanger Maintenance, Cleaning & Coating
  • Cooling Tower Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Storage Tank Coatings
  • Sandblasting
  • Cooling Tower Sealing & Coatings

Cooling Tower Replacement Parts


Cooling Tower Replacement Parts & Components

We offer many different replacement parts for cooling towers including but not limited to:

  • Drift Eliminators
  • Louvers & Casing
  • Driveshafts
  • Cooling Tower Fans
  • Fill Media
  • Fan Stacks
  • Parts & Gearboxes
  • Cooling Tower Motors
  • Cooling Tower Nozzles
  • Vibration Switches

Looking for cooling tower replacement partsDrift Eliminators, Counter Flow Fill Media, Cross Flow Fill Media, Air Intake Louvers, Cooling Tower Coatings, Water Level Controls, Evaporative Cooling Media and Cooling Tower Nozzles.

Design & Build New Cooling Towers


Build New Cooling TowersWe specialize in designing and building new cooling towers including: industrial process and commercial HVAC cooling towers.

Industrial Process Cooling Towers

We know you need reliability when it comes to cooling your industrial processes and that’s why we only provide heavy duty super efficient motors and easily cleanable distribution systems that break down for cleaning and inspection.

Commercial HVAC Cooling Towers

No matter if you need a 50 ton heat pump or need to cool a college university campus, Cooling tower products can handle the job no matter how big or small the project. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to design, rebuild, refurbish or install cooling towers for all types of facilities.

Custom Designs For Difficult Site Requirements

Custom Designed Cooling Towers

Have a difficult site requirements for your new cooling tower project? We handle custom builds all the time. We can help with:

  • Arrangements Over In-Ground Concrete Basins
  • Bottom Inlet and Outlet
  • Match Existing Steel On Retrofit Applications
  • Match Existing Piping
  • Modular Designs For Helicopter Lifts

Cooling Tower Rebuild, Refurbishment & Upgrades


Cooling Tower Coatings Before & After

We can refurbish, upgrade, or rebuild your existing cooling tower to use state-of-art cooling tower parts and products. We cooling tower refurbishment services include but are not limited to:

High Efficiency Fans

  • Aluminum Blades
  • Gear Drives
  • Power Belt Drive

Distribution System

  • 2:1 Turn Down
  • Low ^P Head
  • Side Inlet
  • Bottom Inlet

Fill and Drift Eliminator

  • High Efficiency Fill
  • Easily Inspected
  • Large Access Doors
  • 001% – 0.002% Drift

Cellular Inlet Louvers

  • Minimize Sunlight
  • Minimize Splash-Out

Fully Welded Basins

  • Leak Tested At Factory
  • Sloped For Proper Drainage

Materials of Construction

  • Basin – Stainless Steel – Galvanized
  • Structure – Stainless Steel – Galvanized
  • Casing – Stainless Steel – Galvanized


  • Maintenance Platform With Ladder
  • Vibration Switch
  • Basin Heater
  • Brass Fill Valve cooling tower design manufacturing

Standard Designs Fit Most Applications

  • Front Inlet and Outlet
  • One Basin on 2 and 3 Cell Towers
  • Common Outlet on Multicell Towers
  • Installs Quickly

Free Cooling Tower Inspections, Evaluations, & Estimates


Cooling Tower Products

Give a call at 1 (800) 733-1584 for cooling tower refurbishment services to repair or rebuild your old cooling towers.

Our Cooling Tower ServicesCooling Tower Maintenance, Cooling Tower Repair, Cooling Tower Rebuilding, Cooling Tower Refurbishment Services and New Cooling Tower Construction.

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